Supplements for stress

stressMore men and women all over the world are now depending on health supplements to reach their fitness goals, to control specific chronic syndromes, to fight off stress, and to stay healthy. Some believe that it’s not necessary to take supplements because of the good foods they already eat, however most of the food we eat is not grown in the optimal healthy conditions as it was years ago so the food could be deficient of nutrients your body needs. Though a large number of supplements can aid in all these objectives, it is vital to make the correct choices. It’s important to get a high quality brand of supplement by a brand name you can trust. Not all supplements are manufactured the same. Try going to Whole Foods to find a wide range of good brands to consume. Here are some essential supplements that will help you to fight the nightmare of fatigue and to revive energy to soar through the day.


You can drink one, two or as many protein shakes in a day, yet if you are not providing your body with the essential vitamins it needs to energize, build muscle tissue and to keep you healthy, you are only just wasting your money, time and more energy by concentrating only on one link of the chain. You may be eating all the right kinds of food, yet not supplementing the body with the required vitamins. This can happen when the original content of vitamins in the food is diminished due to poor storage, faulty processing, and inappropriate farming methods or over cooking. Therefore, a simple daily multivitamin supplement might help to bridge the deficiency in our bodies in terms of its vitamin requirement. Additionally, if you are taking various other supplements, a multivitamin supplement will help to stabilize the effects of the others and to derive the maximum results.

B Vitamins

The Vitamin B is typically regarded as the forerunner of all energy vitamins and they are known to be the key that unlock the body’s hidden energy reserves. If you lack vitamin B it will show by symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, poor concentration or irritability. The Vitamin B complex compounds are vital for maintenance of healthy brain cells, for efficient metabolizing of carbohydrates and it is effectively the main source of fuel for the human brain. The B complex components comprise of thiamine (Bi), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), panthothenic acid (B6), biotin, choline and folate.


The use of Ginseng as a healing medicine can be traced as far back as more than two thousand years to the ancient Chinese history of medicines. In the present context, this powerful ingredient is used for a variety of medicinal purposes in a wide cross range of cultures and societies. The properties of the ginseng root have the power of significantly augmenting energy, increasing stamina and in reducing stress levels. Today more than ever, people drag through their days worn out and exhausted from the complex demands of family life, work, social, economic and other pressures. In ginseng, there is a natural energy producing resource with the unique power to restore that vital element of equilibrium and balance through out the entire body.


Rhodiola is a herb found in the Arctic Eastern Siberian regions. This plant has been used as a traditional healing ingredient in ancient Asian and Eastern Europe medical systems. The tea made out of the Rhodiola plant has been a favorite drink among Russians who seek the energy bolstering power of this herb. It has been scientifically proven that Rhodiola has properties to combat mental fatigue effectively and help boost physical energy levels in the body. It has the capability of coping with both internal and external stress factors of the body.

Coenzyme Q 10

Coenzyme Q 10 better known among many people as the ‘New fountain of youth’ or as the ‘miracle vitamin’ is a significant nutrient that can effectively combat an expansive range of severe to fatal illnesses. Coenzyme Qio is similar to a vitamin and the compound is generally found in each cell of the human body. The COQio is a vital component and an indicator of the body cell’s capability to produce energy. A naturally powerful antioxidant, it can wipe out all sorts of potentially dangerous substances living in the body cells.

The mechanism of C0Q10 is directly related to mitochondria. Mitochondria is the energy producer machine within body cells and its job is to maintain seamless energy which is produced in a form scientifically termed as adenosine triphosphate. C0Q10 is the channel making it possible for mitochondria to produce the energy needed by our bodies. In other words, it is the single molecule on which all other cellular functions within the body would depend. Even if you have been perplexed about the use of scientific terminology, I hope that you would have a better understanding of the significance of Coenzyme Q 10 and perceive the value of it as a supplement.


It is a naturally producing amino acid. It is known to play a significant role in metabolizing the fat content in our food. Carnitine acts as a carrier of fatty acids to the mitochondria where the cell energy is produced. The compound can elevate energy levels through a stimulating process of exhausting triglycerides as fuel for energy production and thereby sparing the store of glycogen for more demanding work. During workouts, the body fat is generally burned at a rate between 75 to 80 % of optimum action. With the help of carnitine, the body can burn less glycogen derived from the unprocessed carbohydrates we eat and by maintaining the glycogen supply at steady levels the body is given a chance to bolster more stamina, energy and endurance levels. Carnitine has the unique capacity of transporting fat to the muscles and by doing so it unlocks an otherwise inaccessible energy source.

Goji berries

Gogi berries has been used for centuries by Asians in many of their unique recipes using it in many forms of baked goodies, flavor toppings, trail mixes, teas, soups and even eaten straight as a delicacy. Did you know that Goji berry has the highest antioxidant rate on the chart of ORAC based on vegetables, fruits and essential oils? Goji berry contain 500 times extra vitamin C than you would gain from an orange or any other comparative fruit. Given its massive ORAC strength, it is no wonder that this fruit is identified as the most nutrition packed food in the world. It is dense with many amazing properties yielding to strength building, enhancement of sexual potency and longevity among many others.

Chia seeds

The Chia seed generates power and energy. It was documented that Aztec warriors ate chia seeds before battle because of the strength and power it gave them. The book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, he notes how a tribe of super runners in Mexico eat chia seeds as they main source of food. The tribe put chia seeds in water, this would create a drinking gel. The chia seeds are hydrophyllic. It can amazingly hold ten times their weight in water. This property alone can help you with hydration throughout the day. Since the gel covers your stomach, it restricts calorie absorption making it a possible diet aid.

So next time you feel lethargic and stressed, and in need of an afternoon nap despite all the work that remains to be done for the day, consider the alternative of Chia seeds. Chia is a plant based source dense with rich protein. A large number of protein rich foods we buy from the market has to be combined in a meal to derive the minimum protein supply the body needs. However, with Chia you don’t need to depend on other food sources to produce the protein as it has complete protein levels to help stabilize your jittery energy levels.


Berries are mainly composed of water content which range from 80 to 90% of their full weight. Their dry components consist of sugar, fiber (carbon hydrates) and other organic acids. The bulk part of the energy derived from berries is retrieved from the sugar contained in its dry parts. Berries contain high amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, phtochemicals, calcium and minerals. Basically a lot of power punched goodies you body will love, while giving you a boost of energy at the same time.

Fish oil

We have talked about the value of fruits whether they are eaten fresh, as smoothies or taken as supplements. If you are looking for a little variation in your daily supplement, fish oil is a great option. It is an excellent choice as an energy source. Packed with vitamins A and D as well as the important omega 3 fatty acids it is usually extracted from tuna liver or cod liver. Fish oil can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, and depression. Not only is it good for the heart, it’s a great way to prevent inflammation. Since many serious illness are caused by inflammation such as Alzheimer’s, skin conditions, and autoimmune diseases, a daily dose of fish oil will go a long way.