Your Child’s Blood Pressure

You may not realize that your child can develop high blood pressure. While it may not always be the case, it isn’t uncommon by any means. You can take control of your child’s blood pressure while they are young and help them live a healthier life.

Obesity is the main cause for children to have high blood pressure. Researchers say that obesity is increasing every year in children. This might be due to video games and other activities that require no physical activity. You can easily prevent this luckily.

Start by getting your child active. You can exercise with them everyday for thirty minutes. Take a walk, ride your bikes, go swimming. Whatever physical activity you choose will benefit you both.

By involving your child in physical activities at a young age, you are increasing their chance of staying active as they get older. Limit their video game time, etc. You don’t want to banish all ‘fun’ things but they should know that sports, etc, can be fun as well.

Also watching your child’s diet and eating habits can be beneficial in controlling their blood pressure as well as your own. By starting a diet for the entire family, your child will not feel ‘cornered’ or ‘picked-on’. The entire family will be doing it so it will not be just for them.

When starting a new diet for controlling your blood pressure there are many things you will want to do.

• Limit your sodium and salt intake. Substitute salt for other seasonings.

• Introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables. By early introduction of fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet, you can ensure they will continue to eat these as they age.

• Monitor Fiber Intake – For children one to three they should have 19 grams of fiber a day. For children four to eight they should have 25 grams of fiber daily. For female children nine to thirteen they should have 26 grams of fiber and for males 31 grams. For females fourteen to eighteen they should have 29 grams and for males 38 grams of fiber.

• You as an adult also want to consume 14 grams of fiber per thousand calories consumed. You can easily read the nutrition labels to make sure you are getting the recommended amount.

You also want to watch the amount of fat intake. This of course will cause obesity along with physical inactivity. Which both of these will raise blood pressure.  Try to have balanced healthy meals and send your child to school with a balanced lunch. You can find things they will like that has the appropriate nutrition.

Children should have the opportunity to be children and eat some junk food as well. Choose a day or time that your child can eat something like this. After all, this is probably the only time they’ll be able to enjoy eating something like that. Let them be a kid but also have a healthier lifestyle. You will both be thankful and grateful further down the road.

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