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The Use of Ketosis for Weight Loss

In modern times, dieters have come to look upon the ketogenic diet as a solution to weight loss and nutritional management. In fact, it has garnered quite a bit of spotlight amongst other diets, many of which are easily said to be adaptations of the ketogenic diet with varying similarities....
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Healthy snacks for weight loss – Nuts

Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks you can ever have. Some people pick up the jar of nuts, look at the back label, and set it back down. They do this because of the fat content, but they shouldn't! What most people don't understand is that the fats that...
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The Basics of a Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diets have been regarded as a time-tested treatment for epilepsy for many years. Research into the benefits of practicing this type of diet—essentially the practice of ketosis, which I will explain in more detail shortly and throughout this guide—actually holds its root primarily within the medical research field, investigating...
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Chilies (sometimes spelled Chilli with two l's) are hot stuff and they're amazing! Don't these herbs just keep get better and better? Chilies originated in Mexico and central North America and evidence indicates that they have been used since 7000BC - that's a long time! They were introduced into Asia...
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Let’s Talk About Fad Diets

Although the big push for fad diets has died down a little bit, it is still estimated that at least two-thirds of Americans are on some type of diet at any given time. Although research shows the importance of eating from all the major food groups, people are still confused...
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How to Lose Weight While Gardening

Have you ever dreaded the idea of pulling weeds, planting a tree, or pushing a lawn mower around the yard? Does just thinking about it make you sweat? I am sure the majority of are nodding your heads in agreement. What I am about to suggest only takes a slight...
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Why Does the Weight Come Back?

Before many Australians recently, a devastating story unfolded on a popular current affairs program. We watched with compassion as the fattest man in Australia told of his most recent, serious attempt to lose weight. Approximately 12 months earlier and weighing close to 300 kilos, he under went surgery and had...
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