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Healthy snacks for weight loss – Protein Shake

diet-womanThere are times when you just want a beverage as a snack. Everyone wants to do that from time to time. But what you reach for can make a big difference when it comes to your diet.

If you reach for a soda, you are usually going to get a bunch of high fructose corn syrup, which is linked to obesity. If you reach for some other drinks, you may end up with a lot of empty calories in the form of sugar. There are also options that will leave you with a lot of fat, such as ice cream or fast food shakes.

But there is a better option. A protein shake, which you can make yourself or buy pre-made. They will provide you with a lot of protein and nutrients, and they will help you avoid the high fructose corn syrup and sugary drinks, which will spike your insulin, as well as adding empty calories to your day.

Protein shakes have been beneficial in helping many people to lose weight, as well as maintain a healthy, athletic body.

To find a good protein shake that fits your weight loss and health goals, stop by a local health food store or GNC and speak with someone that works there. They can help answer questions about which ones are ideal for what you want to do (lose weight, build muscle, etc.). Me, I usually buy Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein from It works especially well with my l-Day Diet.

Protein shakes may not be quite as easy to have on the run, unless you have made it up ahead of time or are buying them pre-made. However, if you are going to be around the house and want a good healthy pick-me-up, a protein shake will deliver the nutrition you need!