Brain Nutrients

DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is one of the nutrients required by the brain during the crucial early stages of development in the womb. This omega-3 fatty acid is the primary building block and most abundant fatty acid in the brain, influencing cellular communication and the action of neurotransmitters. An adequate...

5 Medicinal Juices

What we mean here is that these are juices designed to function a specific way to benefit the body. High antioxidant juices, energy juices, etc. are all designed specifically to affect the body a certain. One of juices greatest effects is detoxifying. In fact, all liquids, whether it's just pure...

Nutrition Hidden Poison

Did you know that there might be poison in many of your favorite foods found on grocery store shelves everywhere? Breads, crackers, cookies, energy bars, tortillas, frozen pizza are just a few examples of these dangerous foods. The poison in these items is called partially hydrogenated fat, often referred to...