5 Medicinal Juices

noni-juiceWhat we mean here is that these are juices designed to function a specific way to benefit the body. High antioxidant juices, energy juices, etc. are all designed specifically to affect the body a certain.

One of juices greatest effects is detoxifying. In fact, all liquids, whether it’s just pure water or one of these amazing juices, it will help to pull toxins out of your body.

Each of the juices listed below can help you accomplish a specific goal… and taste great while you do it.

Oxidizer Master

5 ounces blueberries

5 ounces strawberries

1 mango

1/2 sweet potato, cooked

This is a powerful anti-oxidant combination that can help to repair and prevent damage from toxins and ‘free radicals’ that get into your body.

Know How – Free Radicals and Anti-oxidants – Free radicals is the name given to oxygen atoms that are running around in your body. Just like when they make water by bonding to hydrogen and another oxygen to make water, these oxygen atoms are running around looking for something to bond. When the bond with the wrong atoms, they end up being something that is damaging. Anti-oxidants bond with those oxygen atoms before they can become ugly things. That’s why a steady supply of anti-oxidants can help to prevent future illness and maybe even heal illnesses now.

Alternative Energy

1 can lychees in light syrup

2  peaches

2 plums

8 ounces of coconut water or almond milk

Forget solar cells! This a sweet and creamy treat that will provide you with a ton of natural energy. There is so much healthy goodness, that it will keep your motor running for a long time.

Fibrous Fibrocity

2 ounces ginger

1 beet

2 plums

3  carrots

1 apple

Forget those fiber powders made from something that you would never eat. This is a sweet, delicious alternative that will provide with more than enough fiber to keep things moving. And it’s much better than some pasty powder.

Superstar Spotlight – Fiber – Fiber has been gaining increasing recognition for being the key to a healthy body. Fiber helps to cleanse toxins from the intestines. Also, as it passes through the digestive tract, it can draw off some of the toxins in the blood stream simply by being more attractive to the bad stuff.

C U Healthy

1/2 grapefruit

2 oranges

3 kiwis

There is enough vitamin C in here to keep you healthy for a

very long time. A single kiwi has twice your daily allowance. Everyone in the office sneezing, kids come home with runny noses, get that little tickle in your throat, drink this and stop that cold in its tracks.

The Complete Package

1 apple

1 pear

4 ounces cherries

1 kiwi, cut the stem ends but leave the skin on

This has everything you need. A,B,C,E and lots of fiber (that’s what the kiwi skin is for). There is a lot of everything in here. It’s nearly perfect as a drink will ever get. In fact, this and a couple of pieces of tofu for protein and you’re all set.