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The Use of Ketosis for Weight Loss

In modern times, dieters have come to look upon the ketogenic diet as a solution to weight loss and nutritional management. In fact, it has garnered quite a bit of spotlight amongst other diets, many of which are easily said to be adaptations of the ketogenic diet with varying similarities....
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The Basics of a Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diets have been regarded as a time-tested treatment for epilepsy for many years. Research into the benefits of practicing this type of diet—essentially the practice of ketosis, which I will explain in more detail shortly and throughout this guide—actually holds its root primarily within the medical research field, investigating...
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Diets Dont Work

Any doctor worth their salt will tell you diets don't work. Plain and simple. Surprised? Well you might be. You can't get away from all the talk about South Beach, Atkins, Low Carb, Zone ... you name it, they're talking about it. It's on TV, in magazines... everywhere you look....