How Common Is Vitamin D Deficiency?

vitaminedIn recent years, there have been increasing number of individuals diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. In fact, research has found that approximately 40% of American are vitamin D deficient, 48% of whom are girls ages 9-11.

However, that’s not the most shocking statistic regarding vitamin D deficiency. Of all the women who become pregnant each year, approximately 76% of them are vitamin D deficient. Sadly, this increases their risk of the unborn child developing Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Furthermore, approximately 60%, or more, of patients who have a prolonged stay in the hospital have been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. Rates are even higher in nursing homes, where there is an astonishing 80% of residents across the United States who are vitamin D deficient. Both of these occurrences are likely due to the age of the patients/residents, as well as the lack of sunlight exposure they receive.

Gaining an understanding of what causes vitamin D deficiency and becoming aware of the symptoms associated with vitamin D deficiency can lead to an early diagnosis. An early diagnosis is essential in restoring your vitamin D levels to the proper amount, decreasing the risk of developing more serious conditions.