Deluxe Tooth Powder

1/2 cup salt
1 pound baking soda
Flavoring additions (see below)

Put salt in blender and turn it on high; then turn it off and shake the container. Blenderize some more until it is absolutely pulverized into a very fine powder. Add baking soda; shake the blender and blenderize more until it is all mixed. Add desired flavoring and mix well.

Recipe Goldmine contributor, Shivani, suggests your choice of the following flavor additions:

Essential oils
Citrus (only if organic as a lot of pesticide used on citrus crops)
Tea tree (antibacterial)

Myrrh powder is good in tooth powder…antibacterial…good for pyorrhea.

A bit of powdered cinnamon is ok, but go light as it’s very zingy and can be irritating to skin and membranes. The same with ginger and clove. People who suffer from inflammation should not use clove, cinnamon or ginger.

Anise and fennel are the best bet all around.  Very safe and taste nice.

Sage (either essential oil or powdered) is good for gum infections.

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