Helpful Tips in the Prevention of Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infection is caused by a fungal infection. The culprit, commonly Candida Albicans, is usually present on normal human skin and in other areas that are generally warm and moist. But whenever a change in their environment sets off their multiplication beyond normal quantity, vaginal yeast infection occurs. Prevention of yeast infection is not at all that tricky, provided you follow a few helpful tips.

– Always put on underwear that allows the area to breathe. The best material for underwear to be made of is cotton. Synthetic materials, such as Nylon or Lycra, may trap moisture in and around the vaginal area. So use panties made of all cotton, not just around the crotch area.

– As much as possible, avoid wearing tight clothing such as tight pants or pantyhose. Don’t use pantyhose alone; wear cotton underwear beneath it. Try to stay away not only from skin tight clothing, but also from those that are made of synthetic materials. A tight and moist environment provides for growth of yeast.

– Wipe from front to back every time after using the toilet. Yeast normally dwells in the intestinal area. Wiping otherwise than the prescribed front to back will only transfer the yeast from the rectum to the vaginal area.

– Dry the vaginal area thoroughly with a clean towel after showering or swimming. Remember that a moist environment only encourages the growth of yeast which may lead to infection. Try to remove your wet bathing suit after swimming as soon as possible.

–  Try not to use any perfumed products in the vaginal area. Spare yourself from irritations which may eventually lead to infections by avoiding the use of scented or colored toilet paper, tampons, pads or panty liners. The chemicals used especially for such products can be irritating to the vaginal area.

– Staying away from the douche may do you no harm. Douching is not good for you because it washes away the naturally existing protective mucous of the vagina and it upsets the normal pH balance of the vagina. Imagine if the good bacteria in your vagina, like Lactobacillus, is washed out of it by douching – it only causes the bad ones to multiply and cause infections.

– Remember not to use petroleum based products as substitute lubricants for vaginal lubrication when engaging in sexual intercourse. Always opt for water based lubricants instead. Using lubricants such as petroleum jelly is an oil by-product; not only is it bad for latex condoms, but it also provides an environment suitable for the proliferation of yeast.

–  Try not to wear any undergarment, underpants or pajama bottoms to bed. Remember that a moist environment encourages growth of yeast. Letting your vaginal area exposed to natural air keeps it dry, thus inhibiting yeast from multiplying. Wear a night gown instead, or you may also go bare.

– Research has shown that daily consumption of yogurt also helps in the prevention of yeast infection. Yogurt contains the bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus, which aids in counterbalancing the multiplication of yeast whenever a disruption in the balance of microorganisms in the body occurs. However, eating yogurt alone will not cure a vaginal yeast infection.

Prevention of yeast infection is simple once you abide by the list above. The fundamental approach is to create and maintain an environment which inhibits the growth of yeast in the vaginal area.

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