Symptoms of Having Allergies

Do you know what the main symptoms of allergies are?  Do you know what to look for when it comes to allergies?  Some are just very frustrating and annoying to most. However there are some people that have symptoms of allergies that can be very life threatening and dangerous.

The most common symptoms are going to be the following:

* Breathing problems.  This is one that can be very harmful for a person that has an allergy.  It is really going to get someone’ s attention.  Having a lack of oxygen can really get a person’s attention for the allergy.
* Burning and itchy eyes known as Conjunctivitis. This is a big problem for most people that are dealing with allergies.
* Coughing.  This is something that many people with allergies have to deal with. It is a constant cough that will start to become painful for some.
* Diarrhea. Having diarrhea can be a very big problem for many people in their normal lifetime.  It may even become life threatening for some that have it too long.
* Headache.  Having a headache can be a very distractible problem.  Many times it is hard to live a normal life and do the things that a person normally would do.
* Hives.  Having hives is something that will be annoying and very uncomfortable.  It will be painful for some and it can bring the attention of others to you when you are out in public.
* Itchy notes. Mouth, throat and skin.  An itch that cannot be smoothed is one of the most annoying problems that an allergy can bring on.
* Runny nose.  Having a runny nose is something that is going to mean that a person is constantly blowing their nose or sniffing.
* Skin rashes are some that are painful and itchy most of the time. However they are also very annoying and even ugly for some people depending on where they are located on the body.

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