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Clove oil Health Benefits – Toothaches

cloveOne of the most popular and best known uses of clove oil is to help relieve toothaches. The reason why clove oil is so effective is because it can kill the germs that are residing within your mouth and around your teeth. The numbing is only temporary but can provide you with a lot of relief. It can also help relieve sore gums and mouth ulcers. As well as causing a numbing effect the cloves also kill the bacteria causing the problem in the first place.


I can speak from first hand experience when I say that clove oil does bring relieve to tooth pain. The relief can last for a couple hours, but after applying the clove oil a few times the toothache generally eases a lot.

The clove oil is very strong and hence all you need is a drop of the oil applied to each tooth that is aching. You can apply the clove oil onto a cotton bud and then rub this on and around the sore tooth. I personally apply the drop to my finger and then just rub that around the area where there is pain. But remember you literally only need one drop per toothache! Do not over do it or the experience may not be very pleasant and do not allow the oil to touch your gums!

You may find, as I do, that within a few seconds the back of your throat is burning a little from the oil. This passes quite quickly, only lasting a couple of minutes. You will likely then feel the area around your tooth going numb. Depending on how much clove oil you applied you may also find that the inside of your mouth, the top of your throat and even your lips go numb. This overall numbness does not usually last more than ten minutes or so.

Note: If you do find that you have an allergic reaction to using the clove oil then stop using and immediately contact your doctor!

Not only does the clove oil bring temporary relieve to the pain it also helps fight any infection that may be present as well as relieving inflammation.

Please keep in mind that if your pain continues then you definitely should go and see your dentist to ensure that it is nothing serious!

Apply Clove Oil To Cotton Ball

Another way of applying the clove oil to the sore tooth is to put 2-3 drops onto a clean cotton ball. Place this piece of cotton into your mouth carefully on the tooth causing the pain. Bite your teeth together and hold the cotton ball in place for a couple of minutes. One to two minutes is usually enough time to allow the process of numbing and kill the bacteria to begin. Repeatthis procedure once or twice daily as needed until the problem resolves itself or you see your dentist.

For a milder toothache remedy dilute the clove oil with some olive oil.

Mild Toothache Remedy Recipe

  •  1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Olive Oil
  •  2-3 drops of Clove Oil
  •  Mix together in a small container or on a larger spoon
  •  Soak a cotton ball in the oil solution
  •  Squeeze out excess oil from the cotton
  •  Apply the soaked cotton ball to the tooth that is aching
  •  Be careful that you do not swallow any oil from the cotton
  •  Leave the cotton on the sore tooth for approximately one minute
  •  You can repeat this process one to three times a day until you see your dentist or the toothache subsides temporarily burning your mouth!

Mouth Rinse

Rinsing your mouth out with a diluted solution of clove oil can assist in reducing toothache pain and also assist in removing bad breath!