Goji Health Benefits

gojiThere are various claims that have been made about Goji Berries and the health benefits which they offer to those who consume them.

Goji Berries are used by many to treat various health problems including:

  •  diabetes,
  •  high blood pressure,
  •  age-related eye and vision problems,
  •  Fevers and other common ailments.

They can be eaten or consumed in a variety of ways as well, from raw, cooked, or dried, and can be consumed in a liquid form like juices or teas.

There have been many research studies done to show that eating Berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries), including Goji Berries, do in fact offer the individuals who consume them some added health benefits. These Berries are high in antioxidant content, as well as other compounds, which have been found to prevent cancer, heart disease, and other common diseases or illnesses. Antioxidants, such as the ones found in Goji Berries, also aid in lowering cholesterol levels and boosting the immune system, which will in turn keep you from catching the common cold or other immune deficiencies. It has also been claimed that by eating foods which are high in antioxidant that the aging

Since the amount of free radicals is reduced in your body, there is less damage to your cells and your DNA; antioxidants have been found to eliminate the destructive powers which these radicals have on our bodies. This also reduces the potential of some serious diseases one may get if the radicals do damage the cells.

Goji Berries are high in Vitamin A, which assists in slowing down the ageing process. By boosting the immune system and its functions, this will also assist with protecting your vision, and has also been suggested that it may prevent heart disease. The extracts from the Goji berries also aid in boosting brain health, improving memory retention, and can also assist in preventing certain age related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, if consumed on a regular basis. Although not proven in all studies, it has been found that the extracts found in Goji Berries do assist in memory7 and cognitive functions as well, which leads to individuals being able to retain bits of information more easily and remember larger amounts of information at a given period of time.

There have also been studies to show that the juices found in Goji Berries benefit the mental well being of individuals who consume them on a regular basis. From assisting you in remaining calm under stressful situations, to improved athletic performance and capabilities, these juices have been found to assist in various day to day activities that we engage in, throughout the course of the day.

The juices of the Goji berry have also been linked to improving the happiness and quality of one’s life, the amount and quality of sleep you get during the evening (or whenever you go to sleep), and they have also been linked to leaving those who consume the juices feeling better. It has been found to assist those who consume these juices to fall asleep more quickly, and to stay asleep during the evening, when you otherwise had issues falling and staying asleep.

Although the studies are not conclusive, they have been run on several test groups and have been consistent throughout all of the groups who have consumed Goji Berries juices.

Those who consume Goji Berries and the juices have had additional success in weight loss and maintenance. Due to the fact that they will help in curbing your appetite and will provide additional energy to fight fatigue they have also been linked to assisting in burning more calories during the day, even when you are not moving or not doing some kind of exercise.

There are studies showing that Goji Berries enhance sexuality and are capable of relieving headaches, depression, dizziness and insomnia. They have also shown to protect the liver and other internal organs from harmful toxins, due to the poor quality of foods and beverages, and the overall quality of diet which individuals consumed prior to taking the Goji Berries and adding them in to their diet on a daily basis. These Berries can also improve vision, make your hair and nails stronger, and offer an overall healthier appearance to those who consume Goji Berries on a regular basis.

Clinical Findings

There have been studies done on animals which have shown that ingesting Goji Berries might offer benefits relating to cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory diseases. It might also provide support for those who suffer from “cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, vision-related diseases (such as macular degeneration and glaucoma) or from neuroprotective, anticancer or immunomodulatory activity.”

Although not all tests are conclusive, the fact that they are extremely high in antioxidants and offer nutritional value which Berries of all kinds tend to offer, there are definite benefits which have been found as to the anti- aging benefits, and potential to eliminate certain illnesses which are common.

Whether the Goji Berries are consumed whole, raw, or as a juice or tea, the health benefits are bountiful, and they are a great option for anyone to consider adding to their diet, and consuming on a regular day to day basis.


However, it is also important to note that some commercially produced wolfberry (Goji Berries) are being treated with pesticides and fungicides, to reduce insect consumption. As a result, organ chlorine pesticides may be present on commercially produced Goji Berries, particularly on those of Chinese origin.

As a member of the same plant family as tomato, potato and deadly nightshade, Goji berry has the same toxic alkaloid that is found in these plants. This alkaloid, Atropine, can be “incapacitating in doses exceeding 10-20 mg per person… or 453 mg ppb.” Thankfully, Goji Berries seem to have a low concentration of atropine (approx 19 ppb) than might be deadly however, caution should always be used when trying a new food or medication.

Also of concern is how consumption of wolfberry (Goji berry) can cause an undesired interaction with the heart drug, Warfarin. Always consult with your doctor before using a new drug, particularly if you are under treatment for a pre-existing condition.