Hoodia Diet: What Does it Have that Others Dont?

There are a lot diet supplements and programs in the internet today. Weight loss programs are as many as the spams and advertisements that hover in the internet. With so many of them claiming to be the miracle cure, the right product is elusive.  Apart from the diets that don’t work there are also hundreds of cheap imitations and fake products all over the internet. The newest most popular trend is the Hoodia diet.

It has been featured in many shows such as Oprah, BBC, The Today Show and 60 minutes. It may have worked for other people but will it work for you? Each individual’s body is different. More importantly, what does this diet have when compared with other ones that has come and gone before it?

The miracle pill or just another trend?

The diet’s main ingredient comes from the Hoodia gordonii plant. It’s found in the southern Africa. The locals call it “Queen of Namib” or the “Bushman’s hat”. They use it for treating infection and indigestion. In America it’s popular as a natural weight loss supplement.

It was introduced in November of 2004 and has become popular ever since. The diet works by naturally suppressing a dieter’s appetite. It releases chemical component in the satiety center of the brain located in the hypothalamus. When the chemicals act on the hypothalamus it sends a signal to the brain that it has already consumed enough.

Comparing this diet to other weight programs it’s much practical and easy. The problem with weight gain is not the food but our eating habits.  With commercialism and fast food restaurants it’s not difficult to order take out rather than cook a homemade meal. Some of us also get up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack. These cravings inevitably lead to weight gain and obesity when prolonged and uncontrolled.

The diet’s main source is a plant which makes it 100% natural and therefore safe. But its efficacy will depend on the individual’s response to the diet. It will help control your cravings but it can also mask the fact that you’re starving yourself.   The diet is best used for maintenance. Dieters can use it when they want to ward off cravings any time of the day.

According to consumer testimonials it does work but not exactly the miracle pill it claims to be. With others it didn’t do anything at all. The diet can also be expensive. Finding genuine products can also be a task sine there are a lot of fake ones in the internet.

If you want a simple solution and don’t mind doing research then you can try this diet. If you don’t have the time to prepare meals or the willpower to control yourself this diet is suitable for you. By controlling your appetite you have less food intake and fewer fats to burn. It’s also a much comfortable way of reducing your calorie intake.  Dieters will not have to go through food binges after a strict weight loss program that pretty much puts all effort to waste.

By addressing the core of the problem, the diet is effective in its own way. When used properly with the original product it will be effective. Dieters usually loose a pound in three or four days. Sometimes its not that all diets don’t work, they just have different effects on other people.

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