Hoodia Patch: The Alternative for Pills?

The hoodia diet is the new popular weight loss supplement that everyone has been talking about. It was introduced in November 2004 and has taken over the American market ever since. Today, weight gain has turned into more serious problem. Obesity has become rampant. It is experienced by individuals of all ages. With so many diet trends that have come and gone the majority of the public has given up hope in finding a solution. The new diet offers a new way of loosing weight.

Unfortunately due to the popularity of the supplement several cheap imitations have spread all over the internet. There are many brands that promise the diet’s efficacy but don’t contain 100% of the Hoodia gordonii powder which is its main and sole ingredient. It has also been marketed in different forms by several manufacturers.  The latest is the patch, but is using transdermal technology as efficient as taking the pill itself?

What is hoodia anyway?

The first and original product is the Hoodia diet pills. Its main source comes from the hoodia gordonii plant from South Africa. It grows in the Kalahari dessert. The locals use it during long hunting trips to fend off hunger and thirst. Now it’s used as a natural appetite suppressant to promote weight loss.

It suppresses an individual’s appetite by tricking the brain that he ore she has already consumed enough food. It releases a chemical much stronger than glucose on the satiety center of the brain. This center is located in the hypothalamus. This causes the hypothalamus to send a signal to the brain that it has already consumed enough food.

The diet helps the individual control her appetite and cravings. Unlike other weight programs the individual control’s the diet not the other way around. They don’t have to prepare portions sized meals. It’s a more comfortable way of reducing calorie intake. By taking less food there are fewer fats and calories to burn.

What are the patches for?

Other forms of hoodia diet have surfaced in the market. Other manufacturers have taken advantage of its popularity. Apart from pills it’s also available in patches. This may seem like a convenient way. You don’t need to take a pill just stick a patch and you’re done.

Unfortunately these patches are not clinically proven to be effective. Since birth control patches have become popular other manufacturers have decided to use this form for variety. It’s a new twist to an already popular product to lure in customers.

The patches are believed work by releasing its active ingredient through the skin and into the blood stream. It’s convenient for those people who forget to take their pills. The pills are taken before meals but people eat at different times depending on their schedule. Busy people are also not sure when time their next meal is going to be. The logic behind it is that you can put it in the morning and forget about it.

Patches come off when you sweat. It’s not advisable for those who exercise and workout.
It may also cause itching and skin irritations. Patches are also not easy to remember either. Some people may forget to replace them or they have come off.

Hoodia patches’ efficacy is vague at this time. If you are a serious dieter, make your own research first and then determine which form of hoodia is suitable for you.

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