Puppy Safety

Before you bring the pup home, you will need to dogproof your home.  Much like a curious child, your puppy will be into everything.  You must keep a vigilant watch over what goes into your puppy’s mouth.
Poisons such as cleaners, detergents, bleach, rat poison, and mothballs need to be placed high in cabinets.  If the puppy gets into these caustic substances, he can become quite sick.  In some cases, the ingested poison could be fatal.
Plants can be beautiful to spruce up your home, but some are deadly to puppies.  Spinach and tomato vines, Aloe Vera, Ivy, Easter Lilies, Elephant Ears, Poinsettias, Poison Ivy and Oak, and Rhododendrons are just a few of the plants that can cause problems.  Apple seeds, Apricot, and Peach pits can also make the puppy ill.
Make sure to keep your toilet lid down as well.  Bigger puppies are able to play in and drink the water.  This can be quite hazardous due to the cleansers that are used in the toilet.  So break the habit before it begins.
Electrical cords are a huge problem.  These dangling ropes just look like so much fun to the pup.  He will most likely use them for chewing.  He could burn his mouth, start a fire, or be electrocuted.  So hide any cords that are just laying around.  If you can’t move the cord, at least unplug it for safety.
If you live in a high rise apartment, make sure all the doors with access to balconies or porches are locked tightly.  Some animals are so small they can slide through the rails and fall.
The best rule of thumb is to get down on all fours and go exploring around your home.  Anything you see that might cause a problem, remove it before the puppy arrives.  Start him in a safe environment and he will be around for a long time to come.

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