Naming Your Puppy

What an honor that has been bestowed upon you!  You get to name this new little puppy you have just brought home.  You are under much pressure to come up with a name that is not too cute, not too frilly, and something that will fit the animal’s personality.  Oh the pressure of a name.
You could go with a classic like Fido or Fifi.  These names never go out of style unless you have kids who want a hip name.
You can also use you favorite movie star or country singer, mythical figures, presidents, and family members.  The sky is the limit.
Some suggestions for choosing a name:
* You will be calling him for the next fifteen year by this name.  So pick something you really like.
* Usually one to three syllables is good for a name.  It can get cumbersome to call out a long name every time.  There are dogs though that have three names just like a child.  Keep it simple and not too complex.
* Always use the puppy’s name when you speak to him or praise him.  When he hears it next, he will come running because he knows that it’s his special word.
Don’t name the puppy something that will embarrass you or others when you have to call him in public.
Take time to play with the puppy and get to know him before choosing a moniker for the pup.  You may name her and find out later that it doesn’t fit.  Give it a few days to a week and see what you think then.  Ask for advice from family and friends.  Have a Name The Puppy party and give a prize to the person whose name you chose.  There are all kinds of names out there.  Just find one that fits your dog and makes you happy.

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