Puppies Get Bored Too

Puppies need exercise and lots of attention.  Otherwise, they may start to entertain themselves doing things that will annoy you.  Play with the pup and interact by giving praise or a scratch between the ears.  Take him for a short ride down the road.
Bored puppies can pick up some really bad habits.  Some of these are really hard to break.  Start showing correct behavior when you see the puppy doing the wrong one.  Give a treat and praise him when he performs the right behavior.
Licking is a big one.  Excessive licking may mean a problem for the vet, or the puppy could just be bored.  A bath may help to calm and soothe.  Praise the puppy for staying still in the bath.
Whining is hard to deal with at times.  If they have been put to bed, maybe place the crate in your room so they know you are near.  But each time you go in to check on them, when they whine, reinforces the behavior.
Whining can mean several different things.  Some good and some bad.  A dog who is housetrained may need to go outside.  A sudden yelping whine may mean he is in pain and a trip to the vet is needed.
Some dogs whine when you are eating because they want your food.  Some whine to be let in the house.  The most important thing is not to give in.  Teach them by praising during the quiet times.  Then they learn when they are quiet, they will get praise and attention.
Puppies will chew everything in sight from shoes, books, or papers.  He may be teething, and like his human counterpart, his gums are sore or itching.  Sometimes he is just trying to entertain himself.  Make sure he has toys that he can chew and praise him for chewing the right ones.  Say NO in a low voice so he will know you disapprove of his actons.

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