Licorice – glycyrrhiza glabra.

Licorice (also spelled ‘liquorice’) is one of the most widely used herbs in Chinese medicine. Its significant anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects may be very useful in combating common infections such as colds and influenza. Licorice reduces inflammation and may lessen the severity of allergic reactions. It is also used as a hormone balancer in PMT and menopausal

symptoms. Licorice can be applied topically as a paste to relieve herpes infections such as cold sores or shingles. In its deglycyrrhised form, licorice is a proven treatment for gastric ulcers.

primary active(s): glycyrrhizin

contraindications: Unless deglycyrrhised, regular use of licorice is not recommended in those with high blood pressure without medical consent. Potassium intake should be increased if non-deglycyrrhised licorice is used daily.

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