What to Do When You Suffer From Skin Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies?  If you do, your skin may be impacted, often in more ways than one.  Unfortunately, skin allergies are one of the most uncomfortable types of allergies to deal with.  This is because the rashes that many develop can not only be unattractive, but they can also be itchy and painful.

One of the most common questions asked by those who suffer from skin allergies is how they can go about seeking relief.  There are a number of steps that can be and should be taken.  One of those steps involves determining what is causing an allergic reaction.  For example, do you develop a rash right after doing yard work?  If you do, you may have seasonal allergies.  Do you develop a rash after holding a cat?  If you do, you may have pet allergies, and so forth.

If you do not already know what it causing your skin to have an allergic reaction, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with your doctor.  If you are covered by health insurance, you have nothing to lose by making an appointment.  This is important, as many individuals are surprised to learn that what they thought was causing an allergic reaction, isn’t the main trigger factor.  Some individuals are even more surprised to learn that they may have multiple trigger factors, like certain foods or chemicals that are found in many household products, such as laundry detergents.

One of the many reasons why you will want to consider seeing a doctor is because they can help you determine what you are allergic to safely.  Of course, you can try your own experiments at home, but you will want to proceed with caution.  This is important if you think the cause of your skin rash or allergic reaction is food, as your symptoms can become much more severe.  That is why you are advised against performing your own allergy tests at home, but if you do, just make sure that you aren’t alone when doing so.

Once you are able to determine what is causing your skin to have an allergic reaction, you can better go about seeking relief.  First, over-the-counter allergy medications may be examined.  There are also lotions and creams that can provide you with relief from itching and or hives.  If you visit your doctor, he or she may be able to recommend specific products to you.  If you do not visit a doctor, you should be able to still speak with one of your pharmacists to ask for their input on a certain over-the-counter allergy relief product, free of charge.

It is also important to know that you can seek relief without the use of over-the-counter products.  For example, oatmeal when mixed with one cup of boiling water, let cooled, and then strained can provide relief to those who have hives.  The water extracted from the oatmeal can be dabbed on the skin.  You can also reduce your skin reactions by eliminating or significantly reducing your trigger factors.  For example, if you are a pet owner who cannot bear to part with your pet, consider not holding them or petting them without gloves, keeping them out of your bedroom, and investing in an air purifier.

As highlighted above, there are a number of different reasons why you may have an allergic reaction to the skin.  Regardless of the cause though, there are a number of ways that you can go about seeking relief.

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