Garlic – allium sativum. Among the most popular of all medicinal plants, garlic is also among the most scientifically researched. Interestingly, garlic’s many sulfur compounds that produce the notorious odour are also associated with garlic’s primary health benefits. Its anti-bacterial, anti­fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties have made garlic one of the most valuable remedies for colds, flu and other common infections. The clove’s active constituents also benefit the cardio-vascular system, reducing excessive blood clotting, lowering cholesterol and helping to regulate blood pressure.

primary active(s): allicin, ajoene, vinyl dithiins, diallyl disulfide, gamma-glutamylcysteines, thiosulfinates

contraindications: Not recommended in large quantities if taking the prescribed anticoagulant drug warfarin. Regularly eating large amounts of fresh garlic may be irritating to the digestive system of some people.

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