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The Differences of Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia

diabetes22It is not surprising if many people know that there will be a relation to your blood sugar if you get infected by diabetes. The level of your blood sugar commonly will become too high or maybe too low. There is possibility that blood sugar level will become normal too.

For that reason, the terms of Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia are used to describe the extreme condition of human’s body when they have high blood sugar level. In fact, both of them are not good to be suffered in one’s body since it can give dangerous impacts for those who get infected by them.

Hyperglycemia is a condition in which the patient’s blood sugar level is too high. Even though there is still insulin remaining in the patient’s body, it is not enough to control blood sugar level as its amount are too many. There is a possible solution that medic can do when patient get infected by this ailment, for example giving diabetic insulin from pill or injection. As a result, the patient will be able to get remedy to cure their bad condition.

Sometimes, people who have overweight problems will set in a condition in which their cells become resistant with insulin. In fact, this condition often happens when the amount of blood pressure in one’s body is too high. Usually, it will be followed with high cholesterol level presented in their body.

Unfortunately, this symptom will not be able to be detected easily as people will not realize about it for a long time. In fact, this symptom will not be able to occur in the present. There will be almost no symptoms at all. For those who have high blood pressure in their body, they will be able to show several symptoms easily. The symptoms are urination frequent, and also their vision will become blurred. Another symptom that possible to occur is great fatigue and feels hunger easily.

The next one is Hypoglycemia

In fact, this condition is the opposite of Hyperglycemia. It can be said that a person who suffered with Hypoglycemia will have low blood sugar level. This condition occurs because patient’s body cannot produce enough energy to exert food. In addition, this condition may occur because the patient does not eat their meal properly.

Preventing Hypoglycemia is actually a simple matter to be done. Diabetic person should eat smaller meals in one day. The patient should do any activities that can prevent blood sugar level becoming high. The small meal that they have to eat must be consumed for 5 or 6 times in one day. Many medics believe that if someone eats three snacks followed with three regular meals every’ day, it can allow their blood sugar level to become normal. It will not be lowered as well as not be increased.

Between those two conditions, in fact Hypoglycemia is the most risky one. It is due to the negative impacts that the patient will have to beat if their sugar level drops too far. The person will surprisingly becomes unconscious and then experience seizure in their body. If they do not get sugar quickly, there are in a serious trouble later. Some people prevent this thing from happening by bringing candy.

Hypoglycemia must watch their condition carefully. It is important for them to eat their meals regularly and choose it well so that it can prevent worse condition in the future. The patient should not skip meals as there will be negative consequences that they have to beat later.