Juicing: Delicious Detox

This juice is jam packed with ingredients to jumpstart your body systems. Great to use during a cleanse or juice fast. Stabilizes and optimizes digestion. Dandelion greens are one the most effective herbs for detoxification because it helps our bodies to steadily rid toxins. These greens mostly work on the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. Ginger has been benefiting health for ages, some history dictates that ginger was derived from the Garden of Eden. Furthermore, ginger helps with digestive problems, helps reduce body temperature (fevers), and stimulates the circulatory system. By improving circulation it helps high blood pressure. Lemons stimulate liver detox, improves appetite, helps ulcers and stomach acidity, increases body’s resistance to infections, and improves circulation.

•4 stems of Dandelion Greens

•l c roughly chopped Spinach •Ginger

•5 Kale Leaves (any kind)

•1/2 of a Lemon

•Leaves of 4 stems of Parsley