About Echinacea

The long standing reputation of Echinacea of stimulating the immune system has been experimentally proved by the modern herbalists. More and more studies and researches are going on all over the world concerning its effects. But still we should not just avoid our medicines and totally rely over it, “it may help”, and “it does”, but ignoring our modern medicines and the recommendations by our physicians “may not” be a good idea.

Mainly in the serious cases, avoiding the suggestions of our physicians or surgeons would be foolish. But we cannot again forget the long standing reputation of Echinacea and its proven healing touch over our bodies. It does give good result and it helps in the treatment of a variety of diseases, and protects and stimulates the whole immune system in general when used correctly.


The Native Americans, used to use the herb “fresh” and as it comes right from the Nature itself, but the modern scientific technology when experiments on herbs, they experiment on the basis of each ingredient the herb has in it, and makes their conclusion accordingly, i.e. they experiment on the basis of the effect of the each ingredient separately, and their properties are also determined on separate basis.

But the herbalists administer their drugs in a different ways using their own tested methods and receipes. It is the “whole herb“, with “all its ingredients together” works on the body, and

the outcome is “the combined work” of “all the ingredients” present in the herb.

Therefore, there is a lingering debate as to how the herb should be used and occationally of its effectiveness preventing colds.

Although Echinacea might not be the one of the best herbs to treat cancer, it has certainly not being dismissed at all and even suggested by this offucial UK site on cancer reacearch. It also talkes more about trials and all pros and cons, as well as safe ways of using it. So You can look into it more for research purposes on treating cancer right here for more spesific info into relations to this matter.