What Is Zumba.

If you’re tired and bored with a typical aerobic class, then you may have come across Zumba, one of the latest trends in fitness. More people are getting hooked on this dance craze because not only is it fun, it’s also a great way to lose weight. As its popularity has grown, its loyal followers continue to grow in numbers all throughout the world. In fact, Zumba classes have become the preferred choice of many.

Rumors have it that the word “Zumba” is derived from a Colombian word that means “moving fast and having fun.”

Inspired by the Latin culture, Zumba combines resistance training, interval training, and alternating between slow and fast rhythms while being accompanied by upbeat Latin music.

Zumba Features

The popularity of Zumba has made it a very popular choice of fitness class. A Zumba class usually lasts for about an hour and covers different styles of dance. These include mambo, cumbia, meringue, cha-cha, hip hop, and sometimes belly dancing. The typical Zumba class is about 70% Latin dance and 30% of other stuff.

Instructors for Zumba classes are trained to provide specific guidelines for the dance. These days, more instructors are designing their class with flexibility in mind. This is true especially for those classes with mixed groups (seniors, middle-age, teenagers, and young adults). There are also Zumba classes for different age groups and settings. There is Zumba Gold for seniors, Zumbatomic for children, and AquaZumba for those who prefer activities in the water.

Zumba vs Aerobic Class

Although both Zumba and regular aerobic classes are fantastic ways to help you lose weight, the difference between the two lies in the ‘enjoyment’ part. Many practitioners of Zumba find it more enjoyable.

This Latin-inspired fitness workout has gained thousands of followers worldwide because it’s a great way to burn fat. People attending Zumba classes and even those who are doing it at home are having so much fun with it that they don’t feel like they’re exercising at all! The combination of slow and fast rhythms plus the upbeat music helps Zumba participants beat out boredom.

A typical Zumba class can help you burn as much as 600 calories for one hour of Zumba alone. Its mixed movements strengthen both the abdominal and back muscles and help boost a person’s endurance levels.

It’s easy to try Zumba. In fact, even those who consider themselves too old for a fitness program will not have a hard time getting into Zumba. The pace you take depends on you. As a beginner, you can go slow then eventually speed up your pace as you catch up with the regular speed of the dance. It can also be learned either in a fitness studio or at home.