Simple Ways to Keep Hairs healthy

hair-lossThere are simple ways that you can follow in order to keep your hair shiny and healthy. You can start applying them to your daily routine so as to prevent more damage cause by frequent use of hair styling products.

Practice Healthy Washing Habits

Don’t wash your hair daily as it may cause dryness or excretion of too much oil. Try washing it three to four times a week instead to allow it to restore its balance.

At first few weeks, your hair may look oilier but it will soon appear healthier and shinier after that. It is also better to wash hair with cold water. Hot water can be harmful to hair and cause split ends.

After washing your hair, make sure to dry it gently. Instead of wringing it out, you could pat it out to dry the moisture from bathing. Allow your hair to dry naturally instead of using hair dryers but in case you would, make sure to apply serum in order to protect your hair.

Use Natural Healthy Products

Use natural hair care products instead of the chemically manufactured ones. Well-known commercial products may promise best results but they often contain ingredients that can dry out your hair. Choose shampoos that have healing herbs and oils.

Conditioners that have coconut oil, aloe, Shea butter and other types of pure substances can maintain the healthy and fresh look of your hair.

Stay away from hair dyes or other permanent hair treatments. You can restore the softness of your hair by applying oil treatments a couple of times a week. You should also give your hair a full and deep oil massage once a week. Olive and almond oil are the best to usefor deep hair massage.

Apply natural juices on your hair. Rub your scalp with ginger or garlic juice and let it stay for the night. Rinse it off in the morning. Do this twice a week and notice that your hair will grow healthier and smoother.

Protect Your Hair

Just like the way you protect your skin from harmful UV rays, cold temperature and wind, you must also protect your hair the same way. If the hair is not protected from these natural elements, it will eventually turn try and brittle.

If the sun is high, you may wear a hat or scarf to prevent it from getting fried. When it’s winter, it is not advisable to go outside with wet hair since the temperature can freeze your hair. The hair must also be protected from chemicals such as chlorine that you may get from swimming pools. If you are going to swim, it is recommended to use swimming caps.