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How to Lower Your Blood Pressure in a Non-Medical Way

There are many ways on how you can prevent and how to lower blood pressure. It doesn’t always have to be about medicines. You can control your blood pressure with this easy steps. For one, decrease your salt intake.

Doctor taking a patients blood pressure
Doctor taking a patients blood pressure

The salt in your body can attract water and therefor increase your blood volume which results to high blood pressure. Another is that you must also decrease your intake of fatty foods because the fats can accumulate in your blood vessels making them very constricted and your blood hard up to pass through.

As a result, the heart would increase the pressure of its pumping ability so that it can push the blood through the constricted vessels and circulate around your body.

And last but not the least, the person should always have mild exercise like walking to maintain a healthy body. Vigorous exercises are not really recommended for they can increase the blood pressure almost immediately.