Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Medical interventions may be the best way to lower high blood pressure but though they occur in less than 10% this medicines also have adverse reactions that you should watch out for.

High blood pressure. woman measures the pressure
High blood pressure. woman measures the pressure

So what better way than to switch to the natural ways to lower blood pressure. Here are some tips that you can do to prevent you from having hypertension. Decrease your intake of sodium rich foods but at the same time increasing potassium rich foods. Another is that you should practice deep breathing and do mild exercises like walking as well.

Also, instead of drinking coffee, try switching to tea. It has a more natural effect and has more benefits than that of the coffee. You can also mix lots of garlic in your food because this acts as a blood thinner therefore decreasing your blood pressure.

With all these easy to do steps, you are surely going to decrease your blood pressure the natural way.