Health Benefits of Meditation

yogaMeditation forms a very integral part when it comes to living a healthy, fulfilling and a productive lifestyle.

Life can be hectic at times with each day presenting new challenges that have to be met and that can be very stressing.

The need to take some time out and have a personal moment through meditation becomes very necessary. Some of the health benefits of meditation include:

Lowering of Blood Pressure

When the human body is in a relaxed mode it becomes non responsive to stress causing hormones, and by extension helps in lowering blood pressure levels.

Relieving of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Practicing mediation for a few hours on a daily basis daily has an effect of relieving symptoms of constipation, diarrhea and bloating usually associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

Increase in fertility levels

With meditation comes relaxation of the body and mind. Research has shown that the probability of women conceiving is at its peak when they are in a relaxed mood as opposed to when they are under stress.

Immunity Boost

A spontaneous relaxation of the muscles has a relaxation effect on the human body, and helps in boosting white cell production in the body.

High levels of white blood cells in the body are usually coupled with a greater resistance to disease causing viruses.

Muscle relaxation has also been known to reduce the rate of breast cancer in women and also boosts immunity levels for patients suffering from other forms cancer.

Emotional balance

Meditating individuals are usually composed and calm as opposed to their non-mediating counterparts. This is due to the relaxed state of mind, which then means they take time to analyze a situation before acting or commenting on it. Non­meditating people have a tendency of making decisions without looking into the effect their decision will have.

The outlook towards life is different for mediating individuals as compared to those who do not meditate. Circumstance of past events can lead to people living very emotional lives which can at times lead to self denial and very low’ esteem. Meditation helps in letting go of the bad memories leading to a more productive life.

Helps Cure Insomnia

Insomnia or sleep disorders are associated to stress. Relaxation of the mind will help individuals come up with sleeping routines and actually stick to them.

Apart from that, it does not take long to fall asleep once in bed and once asleep it is easy to sleep naturally and un-disturbed.

Improved Sex

During sex, the body produces endorphin hormones also known as “happy hormones”. The production of this hormone is very essential in helping the human body attain orgasm. It is needless to say that the body will produce larger quantities of this hormone when the mind is in a relaxed state than when stressed which in turn means improved sex performance.

Increased Focus

Meditation as a process requires a lot of focus. This has a ripple effect of increased concentration when performing other non-meditating activities. Meditating individuals are likely to produce more satisfying results from a particular task since the mind won’t wander away as compared to those individuals who do not meditate.

Job satisfaction

Getting satisfaction out of your every day work requires a lot of relaxation, both mentally and physically. This will result in higher productivity derived from enjoyment while doing a certain job.

Improved relationships

The way a person relates with those around him or her is enhanced if continuous mediation routines are kept and maintained. With meditation comes the sense of contentment, which translates to happy individuals. A happy individual is likely to bond more easily with those around him than a sad, disturbed person.

Decline in potential mental illness

Meditating individuals are generally happy, and stress free. Stress has with time been associated with depression, which

leads to mental illness. A routine meditation practice will definitely help reduce chances of mental illness and should be adopted.

Helps in Brain Growth

Meditation is coupled with the ability to grasp information easily whether at school or work. This ability leads to brain growth and keeping up with current affair becomes easy. Meditation also helps increase alertness which helps the brain grasp important and constructive information and knowing on how to use it to make a positive impact in life.

Increases Sense of Responsibility

Becoming responsible means that a person is able to fulfill obligations assigned to him in a more mature way. It also means that an individual lives according to the set norms by society as a whole. Responsible people are generally accepted and held with esteem by society.

Ability to See the Bigger Picture

Meditation helps individuals concentrate on big issues and eradicates the sense of pettiness. The ability to see the bigger picture is very important in life as it helps in personal growth and time that could have been spent solving small, irrelevant issues is channeled to more productive avenues.

Increased will power

With mediation comes the will to try and make every situation work, however complex it might appear. The will to make the best out of every situation presented by life leads to a life filled with lots of personal achievement.

Decreases Muscle Tension

Not only does the relaxation of muscles help diffuse tension, it actually helps the body stay fit. A relaxed individual is physically strong, full of energy and vigor and by extension full of vitality.

Like clearly indicated, meditation should be embraced by all, both young and old as a way of self-improvement since the benefits are over overwhelmingly numerous.