What to eat before, during and after drinking alkohol

alcoholYou already know the essential things you need to eat before you drink. However, that is not all. Eating all of that stuff before you go to a party is not enough to battle or prevent a hangover.

–              Pickle Juice – it contains salt, vinegar, and water. This combination of ingredients is excellent in hydrating your body by providing you with sodium and electrolytes. Taking two ounces of pickle juice is enough for you to stay hydrated. You can consume it before and after you drink.

–               Water – its main purpose is to hydrate you. You might want to mix it with some salt to make sure that your body will retain it longer. You should drink this before, during, and after you drink.

–              Sports Drink – this can restore some of the lost liquid you had when you were drinking. This is an expensive way to hydrate, but it is more effective than just taking water.

–              Coconut Water – this is the best beverage you can chug down when you have a hangover. It contains more electrolytes than a regular sports drink. This fact makes it undisputable that coconut water is the best cure for a hangover.

–              Ginger Tea – if you are feeling nauseous and moving makes you sick, you should drink some ginger tea. However, not all people like its strong aroma and taste.

–              Peppermint Tea – peppermint tea can aid you on reducing any possible stomach pain you will experience during a hangover. Also, it can relieve you from nauseating.

–              Apple Juice – aside from the vitamins that it will restore in your body, apple juice can provide you with the energy you need to recover from the hangover. Also, it might even encourage faster metabolism, which in turn will hasten the removal of the alcohol toxins in your body.

–             Kiwi, Spinach, and Banana Salad or Smoothie – these three can supply you with the potassium you lost when you were drinking. As you might already know, potassium is one of the essential electrolytes you should always have to prevent dehydration. In case you do not want to eat a salad after you drink, you can just make your salad become a smoothie instead by mixing them with some yogurt.

–             Eggs – the two most important amino acids in eggs, which are cysteine and taurine, are effective in battling the bad effects of hangovers. Technically, cysteine can eliminate one of the toxins that alcohol/ethanol produces when broke down by the liver, which is acetaldehyde. On the other hand, cysteine aids the liver to function better at eliminating toxins.

–            Chicken Noodle Soup – it is not the most beneficial food for a hangover, but it is very pleasing to eat. Eating or drinking something warm when you wake up with a hangover can make you feel relaxed. Also, chicken noodle soup has a fair amount of sodium and water that can help you rehydrate. The chicken and some of the vegetables you will put in your soup can provide you with cysteine, too.

–            Burnt Toast with Butter and Honey – this should be eaten after you wake up. The toast will help your stomach calm down, while the honey and butter will boost your energy. On the other hand, the burnt part of the toast will act like charcoal. It will absorb the remaining alcohol in your stomach. Also, this will prevent you from vomiting.

–            Oats – this can help you resupply essential nutrients that you might have lost while you were drinking. It has iron, magnesium, calcium, and essential B vitamins that can reenergize you. Also, oats can eliminate some of the toxic acids caused by the alcohol.

–             Tomatoes – this is not actually a conventional fix, but it can help you feel a bit better. The lycopene in tomatoes can lessen the inflammation caused by alcohol in your body. Moreover, its vitamin C and fructose content can aid your liver to function well.

Of course, if you have a list of food that you must eat to ease your hangover, you should also know what are the ones that you should avoid. Below are few of them.

–             Greasy Food after Drinking – yes, it helps before you drink. However, eating fatty meals after you drink can be unbeneficial. Since alcohol might have already ruined the normal operation of your digestive system, adding another irritant, which is fat, to it may only worsen your condition.

–             Alcohol – it is true that alcohol can relieve your hangover, and make you feel a little better. And that fact makes it almost impossible to experience hangovers while drinking. However, that is only half-true. Remember, chugging down another batch of alcohol will only worsen your condition. Every bottle of beer or alcohol raises a person’s alcohol toxicity in his blood. Once you drink more, the alcohol toxicity in the blood rises, and that might lead a nastier hangover-or worse, alcohol poisoning. There are better ways to relieve hangovers – do not resort to this step.

–             Coffee – alcohol and coffee are both diuretics. It is very sensible to think that the best things you might need when you have a hangover can be provided by coffee. However, drinking another diuretic can make your condition worse. Do not forget that the main reason people feel that their heads are splitting apart when they have a hangover is dehydration. If a person’s body is dehydrated, it will attempt to look for water sources. Unfortunately and most of the time, the body is fond of extracting that water from the brain. Because of that phenomena, having a hangover becomes much worse if you become more dehydrated.