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Cayenne – Digestive Issues

You would think a hot pepper would hurt your stomach. On the contrary, cayenne pepper, taken in moderate quantity, contributes to the good health of your stomach. Just as cayenne pepper works in numerous ways with blood circulation – because of its many healing properties – cayenne pepper also works in many ways on the digestive system for improved digestive and overall health.

Cayenne pepper reduces the pain of stomach ulcers. It doesn’t stop there. It also heals the ulcers, causing them to shrink and disappear. It heals and strengthens the stomach tissue and the epithelial cells that line the digestive tract. Cayenne pepper also creates an internal environment in the stomach that resists ulcers. For digestive problems, half-teaspoons of cayenne, taking sparingly through the day, can work wonders much faster than tablets from drugstores.

Taken orally, cayenne pepper also helps to clean out the intestines. The stimulant properties of cayenne pepper helps keep the intestines functioning properly, thus reducing and preventing constipation. The antispasmodic properties of cayenne pepper also help calm the muscles of the digestive system, at the same time as it stimulates the intestines. This leads to a proper balance and functioning of the digestive system. Just as cayenne pepper evens out the blood flow throughout the body, it does the same with the digestive system, causing everything to work properly from A to Z.

Cayenne pepper is also a carminative, which means it helps eliminate and prevent the build-up of gas. It is useful for dyspepsia, or chronic bloating and upset stomach. Cayenne pepper is also helpful for sea-sickness and diarrhea. Cayenne pepper also helps heal the gall bladder.

When you take cayenne pepper as part of your daily diet, the capsaicin in the cayenne pepper will stimulate your appetite in a healthy way. Cayenne pepper improves the quality of digestion. It also improves the ability of the stomach to digest food.


Cayenne pepper is first absorbed in the mouth (this is why cayenne pepper tea is more effective than taking it in pill form, as discussed later in this report). The cayenne pepper stimulates the saliva in the mouth, which improves the digestive process. Digestion begins in the mouth. We too often miss this by not chewing food well, and we lose out on a lot of the nutrients in our food. Cayenne pepper is not only a vital nutrient in any dish in which we cook with it. It also helps us get the most nutrition out of the food we take in, because of the increased stimulation of saliva caused by the cayenne pepper.

When you get more nutrients out of your food, you will also have fewer cravings and overeating. This is one of several reasons cayenne pepper is used as an aid to healthy weight loss. While not a weight loss wonder on its own, cayenne pepper is known to increase metabolism, by activating the body’s cooling system in response to the heat of the pepper. Increased metabolism helps with weight loss. In addition, by helping to improve nutrient intake through more efficient digestion, cayenne pepper also deals with some of the underlying reasons for overeating and undernourishment.

Improved nutrient absorption through the stomach and intestines brings greater concentration of nutrients more efficiently to every cell in the body. Combined with improved blood circulation, improved digestion contributes to reversing many ailments all at once. Cayenne pepper plays a key role in the health of both of these body systems. Cayenne pepper also helps us digest food even when sickness would make it difficult – while at the same time working to alleviate the problems that cause the sickness, and the symptoms of the sickness, leading to overall improved health.