Book review: The Chemistry of Calm



The debilitating effects of anxiety can affect your sense of well-being, health, longevity, productivity, and relationships. In The Chemistry of Calm, Dr. Henry Emmons presents his Resilience Training Program—a groundbreaking regimen designed to relieve anxiety and restore physical and mental strength. This step-by-step plan for mental calmness and emotional wisdom focuses on ways to create resilience as a key to resolving anxiety in everyday life, incorporating the latest science on:

• DIET—you’ve got to eat good food to feel good

• EXERCISE—it’s proven: moving makes you less anxious

• NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS—boosting your natural anxiety resistance

• MINDFULNESS—including meditation techniques to calm your body and brain

Marrying the Eastern techniques of meditation with the traditional Western solutions of diet and exercise produces a dramatic effect. Using this program, Dr. Emmons has helped countless patients reduce their anxiety and reclaim the resilience that is their birthright. Now, with The Chemistry of Calm, you can be anxiety free too!

Publishers Weekly

Who doesn’t need a Resilience Training Program? Psychiatrist Emmons (The Chemistry of Joy) rolls it out in eight-step “body and mind, heart and soul” detail for the worried, stressed-out, compulsive, and miserable minions suffering from depression and anxiety. It’s a tall order, and Emmons triggers more than a few anxious moments himself with a regimen of diet and supplements that seems more rocket science than common sense. “Don’t eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t have recognized as food,” he sagely counsels, quoting eat-food-not-too-much-mostly-plants guru Michael Pollan. The simple soon gets tricky: widen your horizons with spelt instead of wheat, goes one suggestion. Harder still is the mind-blowingly daunting list of supplements recommended to balance your brain chemistry. Where does one procure 5-HTP to boost serotonin levels? The good doctor is in much calmer territory with an elegant and lyrical guide to meditation and mindfulness. Not that being “aware and awake to the present moment” will be a walk in the park: following your breath takes more work than you’d think. But it could be worth the effort: Emmons reinforces a sweetly generous and drug-free way to tame the wild mind within. (Oct.)

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