Health Benefits of Zumba

The increasing popularity of Zumba might surprise some onlookers. What the benefits of this dance possibly be? What attracts so many people from all walks of life, culture, and ages groups? For those who have been and are currently into Zumba, this activity brings about a number of benefits, such as the following:

It provides full body workout

Because Zumba is a combination of slow and fast rhythms, it provides one a workout for the entire body. Its head and

shoulder rolls help in loosening up the neck while its footwork helps to stretch the calves and ankles. The dance is so fun that you won’t even notice doing lunges and squats!

  1. It improves endurance

The fast pace of Zumba can help improve one’s endurance. Since it’s such an intense work out, seek your physician’s advice before starting. This is especially true for those who are suffering from certain health conditions.

  1. It helps you lose weight

One of the many reasons why people are getting hooked to Zumba is because it helps in shedding those extra pounds. According to research, the number of calories lost in a typical Zumba class is around 400-600 calories an hour. That’s equivalent to an hour spent in fast social dancing activities like salsa, disco and jitterbug.

  1. Working out is regarded as fun

If you’ve been working out before, how many times have you actually enjoyed what you’re doing? For many Zumba participants, this work out is something that they always look forward to. It’s fun to do, so they keep coming back. Working out is no longer a chore for them.

5. It relieves stress

People of all ages experience stress at one point or another. But, Zumba is designed for all ages, so whether you’re a teen, a young adult or an older man or woman, you can let go of your daily stress by joining a Zumba class.

6. It’s a great mood-booster

Just like any form of exercise, Zumba promotes the release of endorphins. These hormones, which are sometimes known as “happy hormones”, are produced by the pituitary gland through certain activities like exercise.

Aside from the release of endorphins, a Zumba class is a also perfect time to socialize. With many different people joining each week, you’re sure to find a group that you can enjoy hanging out with after the class is over.

Reading the benefits may make you wonder how different Zumba really is from a typical aerobic class. There may not be any real notable difference between the two, but what sets Zumba apart is the element of fun. Many Zumba class attendees report that they have so much fun dancing that they no longer notice how much time they spend doing it! In fact, unlike the typical aerobic class, many participants actually look forward for