Ozone therapy

What is it? It is an alternative medical treatment that uses the right amount of oxygen, known as ozone, to stabilize and improve the immune system. The introduction of ozone in the body is believed to metabolize and allow the oxygen to travel in the body and flush out all impurities and toxins that cause disorders such as bloating and other digestive irregularities in the body.

Ozone therapy has many benefits: a. it detoxifies the body, particularly the liver, b. it helps dissolves fats that your body has accumulated due to improper diet and excessive eating. These undigested fats in your system can cause bloating and constipation, c. Ozone therapy also kills the unhealthy bacteria in your body, as well as other viruses, parasites and fungi which cannot survive in ozone because they are anaerobic in nature.

If you are curious about this type of oxygen therapy, you will be amazed to find out that there are several ways of introducing ozone in your system: one would be through intravenous ozone therapy which injects ozone and infuses your blood with the right amount of ozone to cleanse your system. There are also topical applications or creams wThich are known as ozone treated ointments, usually made from olive and avocado oil. They provide a very effective treatment for skin orders.

And then there’s the ozonated colonic treatment. This is one of the best options for bloating, gas and digestive disorders. Colonics are known to be an effective tool for detox. Adding the element of oxygen to your colon irrigation treatment gives the combined benefit of purging out all the impurities and toxins from your system, while oxygenating your colon.

Applied Ozone Systems can provide more information about ozone therapy and ozone colonics.