About ashwaganda

herbs-greenAshwaganda, sometimes known as Indian ginseng, is a key herb in Ayurveda, the thousands-year-old traditional medicine of India, and since it grows easily and happily from seed around the world, it has become increasingly popular with Western herbalists faced with deeply stressed patients. ‘An exceptional nerve tonic – one of the best remedies for stress,’ says UK herbalist Anne McIntyre. ‘From my observation of patients taking ashwaganda over a period of four to six weeks, it certainly helps to enhance energy and positivity, engender calmness and clarity, improve memory’ and concentration, and promote restful sleep.’

Ashwaganda is also useful for sexual or reproductive problems. US herbalist Michael Tierra describes it as ‘almost specific for impotence’. Good clinical trials that indicate this effect are yet to be carried out, but what is certainly true of ashwaganda is that it can reduce anxiety, boost the immune system generally and combat physical stress, all of which might help solve a lot of performance problems.

Infertile couples are usually deeply stressed by months of alternating hope and despair. Ashwaganda is a wonderful strengthening tonic for men and women alike, and is both safe and effective.