Burdock Health benefits

herbs-greenBurdock, a great blood-cleanser, is a traditional remedy for a whole slew of skin problems, like eczema. It calms inflammation and protects the skin from bacterial infection.

Along with dandelion, burdock is a herbal acne treatment. You can take them in the form of a tea, or as an easy-to-take tincture, made from the roots of either – or, better still, both. As with all herbal acne treatments, you’ll need to persevere; in this case for at least a month.

Burdock is also commonly used to detox. Croatian herbalist Dragana Vilinac formulates herbal blends and tinctures for one of the UK’s most popular herbal suppliers. When asked to suggest an effective mix of detox herbs, she mentioned both dandelion and nettle, as well as burdock – ‘an esteemed blood cleanser and digestive stimulant.’ Here’s her formula: burdock root, 5g; dandelion root, 5g; nettle root, 5g. Put them in a pan with 6ooml of water, bring to the boil, cover the pan and simmer very gently for fifteen to twenty minutes. Take it off the heat, leave to steep for another fifteen minutes, then strain and drink a small mugful three times daily. This trio of roots, she explains, will enhance the elimination of wastes and calm any inflammation. Stock up with the ingredients from a herbal supplier, and give yourself a two-week course, cutting down on caffeine, alcohol and junk food at the same time, and drinking plenty of water.

Naturopath and herbalist Francesca Naish has been treating infertile couples for more than thirty years at her clinic in Australia. ‘Radiation can be a huge factor in fertility problems, affecting both DNA and chromosomes,’ she explains. Francesca points out. Burdock and Siberian ginseng are two herbs she finds terrific at sorting out radiation problems. Burdock is also widely used as a building block for outstanding general health and stress resistance.