Review: Twin Lab B-12 Dots


  • Vegetarian formula; 100% natural cherry flavor
  • Does not contain soy, yeast, wheat, milk, starch or egg derivatives.
  • Sugar- and gelatin-free; no preservatives, fructose, honey, artificial flavors or colors.

Specially formulated, tiny, micro-sub lingual Vitamin B-12 tablets Each Dot quickly dissolves under the tongue for maximum absorption of Vitamin B-12. B-12 Dots are specially formulated tiny sub lingual B-12 tablets. One Dot (sub lingual tablet) contains 500 mcg of Vitamin B-12. Delicious 100% natural cherry flavor.

Originally my wife had these recommended by a local chiropractor because she was always tired. She liked them (at about $15 per bottle!) so I found them on the internet at a much cheaper price of $6-9. She has been using them about 10 years and swears by them. My mother, who’ll be 93 in September, has been getting a monthly B-12 shot for over 25 years which never fails to perk her up. Mom’s doctor tells me it is not an effective booster for everyone. You have to try it and see if it helps. I tried the pills for a month, and couldn’t discern any change, but I take a Vitamin B complex pill daily which probably serves the same purpose. Note: This is the cheapest I have seen the Twin Labs brand!

Buy it: Twin Lab B-12 Dots, 250-Count