Review: Anatomical Model Life Size Vertebral Column With Pelvis


  • Flexible Spine, fully articulates.
  • Pelvis, occipital bone, vertebral artery.
  • Dorsal herniated disc between 2nd and 3rd Lumbar verterbrae.
  • Comes complete with stand.
  • 82cm high (with stand).

Although I admit to being initially sceptical about the quality of this as the price was less than half of others we had looked at, we decided to buy this spine, thinkig we could always use it as a spare if it wasn’t up to much.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The spine is of excellent quality and perfect for our training sessions. Being life-like we can demonstrate using it alongside a real body (not included!) to explain issues around moving and handling. It also comes with a table-top stand, which we noticed some other, much more expensive, models didn’t.

We are very satisfied with this model, and no doubt will be purchasing more in the future.

Buy: Anatomical Model Life Size Vertebral Column With Pelvis (Flexible)