Lowering Blood Pressure

heart-pictureControlling blood pressure in general and more specifically in people with diabetes can seriously reduce risks of future complications.

There are two main ways that blood pressure can be lowered:

  1.  Changes to lifestyle and
  2.  Medication

Lifestyle treatments include losing weight if you are overweight; regular physical activity and watching the amount of salt that you consume. The amount of salt we eat can have an effect on blood pressure. To reduce the amount of salt you eat

  1.  Try using herbs and other spices to flavor your food
  2.  Limit how much salt you use in cooking and don’t add salt at the table
  3.  Choose foods that are labeled “no salt” and avoid processed foods.
  4.  Opt for a healthier alternative such as Himalayan salt.

Eating a healthy diet also helps to lower blood

pressure. A healthy diet overall can help with controlling weight and cholesterol and offers loads of vitamins and other essential nutrients.