Green coffee bean extract health benefits

coffeeThe popularity of green coffee bean extract increases everyday as more and more people discover its health benefits.

We have been used to people using coffee beans to make coffee. The beans are roasted, ground and voila, we have a fresh cup of coffee that is rich in aroma and flavors. Green coffee bean extract is different. It is made from raw coffee beans that are soaked in water, concentrated to make the extract and then made into pills.

Does this mean that coffee in a cup is the same as green coffee in a pill? No. Raw coffee beans are rich in an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid. Roasting, however, destroys this acid.

Chlorogenic acid is the main component that is responsible for the many benefits of green coffee bean extract. It is known to aid in weight loss, promote cardiovascular health and regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

Chlorogenic acid controls the release of glucose in the body. Glucose is the body’s source of energy. Because its release is controlled when taking green coffee bean extract, the body is forced to convert stored fat into energy, thus helping you lose weight, as well as keep your blood sugar levels in check

When your blood contains high levels of homocysteine, you are at risk of heart ailments. Chlorogenic acid decreases homocysteine in the blood to promote cardiovascular health. It also neutralizes free radicals in the body to prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol to regulate blood pressure.

Another notable benefit of green coffee bean extract is that aside from chlorogenic acid, it also contains other antioxidants that get rid of toxins and free radicals, keeping you in the pink of health.