Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Food grade or 35% H2O2 is an effective solution to bring your body into balance. This food grade potable water is armed with an extra serving of oxygen to help purify your body. Viruses, bacteria and parasites are no match for H2O2.

Very effective, but very potent. It needs to be handled with care because it can cause harm if handled improperly. It would be wise to use only the recommended dosage to avoid any

How to store and use:

When dispensing or mixing 35% hydrogen peroxide it is better to use an eye dropper made of glass. And it should be carefully administered (preferably wearing gloves) or it will burn the skin; should this happen, flushing with running water is the best option. Further, if you do not plan to use the mixture immediately, you need to make sure that you store the bottle in the freezer.

35% food grade hydrogen peroxide should not be taken in its purest form. You can mix it with adequate amount of water.

Number of drops daily:

Day 1: 3 drops/ 3 times a day Day 2: 4 drops/ 3 times a day Day 3: 5 drops/ 3 times a day Day 4: 6 drops/ 3 times a day Day 5: 7 drops / 3 times a day

The number of drops can be increased as you build up your tolerance. Starting with a high dose at first can give you a die-off reaction that may be too strong to handle. The idea is to detox slowly. You can increase the drops as your immune system grows stronger. The maximum number of drops recommended.