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Rosacea natural treatment

Dermatologists have several explanations for why the blood vessels of the face suddenly flame up. It is described as “inflammatory skin,” as if you have a permanent blush. Doctors think that people with Rosacea have over reactive skin caused by a chronic bacterial infection or an invasion of microscopic skin...
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Psoriasis natural treatment

It would be nice to launch into an explanation as to what causes psoriasis, but unfortunately we are not sure what causes this affliction, except that it is an autoimmune disorder (our own immune system attacks our body tissue) and we don’t know why. Over stimulated immune cells trigger an...
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Krill Oil and Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS is a result of pain, tiredness and mood swings caused by menstrual cycle. OTC medication helps to a certain extent in the easing of PMS. Many alternative methods like herbal teas, hot pads, are used to help with the symptoms. However, all these are temporary methods to deal with...
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Vitamin D Deficiency And Heart Disease

When it comes to heart disease, everyone thinks of cholesterol. What most people don’t know is that vitamin D deficiency is also linked to heart disease. Is there any scientific evidence to show the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and heart disease? Evidence For The Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency...
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What is hangover?

Everyone has experienced this self-inflected illness called 'hangover". The term 'hangover' refers to the collection of various signs, unpleasant by their definition as they include: headache, stomachache, low energy levels and some people can even experience anxiety or panic attacks. Luckily this state is temporary and everyone knows it. Still...
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What Causes High Blood Pressure?

 In most cases, the cause of high blood pressure can be unknown. This enigma is referred to as essential hypertension where the blood vessels depend on how hard the heart pumps and how much resistance the arteries put up.  Diabetic nephropathy, or diabetic kidney disease, is a complication that develops...
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What Is Hypothyroidism

Are you tired all the time? Are you gaining weight even though you don’t overeat? Do you have brittle nails and dry skin? If you notice these things happening and you don’t know why, it could be that you have an underactive thyroid gland. A lot of women have this...
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What Causes Acid Reflux?

Certain foods are the main source of acid reflux symptoms. Chocolate and coffee are notorious for producing symptoms because they both trigger the production of stomach acid. Other triggers include onions, garlic, peppermint and citrus fruit. In addition, smoking, alcohol consumption, being overweight and genetics may also play important roles...
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Herbs for bloating and indigestion

 Roman chamomile - may be helpful in addressing flatulence and nausea. Can also be taken to help reduce the pain associated with bloating and indigestion.  Fennel - Fennel is an extremely popular herb for flatulence in the alternative health community (probably because of its wide availability and general safety when...
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