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Rosacea natural treatment

levander-sexDermatologists have several explanations for why the blood vessels of the face suddenly flame up. It is described as “inflammatory skin,” as if you have a permanent blush.

Doctors think that people with Rosacea have over reactive skin caused by a chronic bacterial infection or an invasion of microscopic skin mites or an infection of the facial blood vessels.

That the condition needs to be treated is certain because without some intervention the blush can turn into permanent “ruddiness” with spidery-appearing veins. Depending on the cause, Rosacea is usually treated by Dermatologists with topical antibiotics and sulfur agents (permethrins or Elimite) to kill any possible skin mites and maybe an antifungal gel for any possible fungal involvement.

The Solution

Many people with Rosacea do visit their doctor’s office for a diagnosis and possibly some combination of the medications mentioned above, however the National Rosacea Society states that by simply avoiding the triggers will eliminate or curb most of the Rosacea flare-ups. The list of top triggers are:

* Sun

* Red Wine *Heat (in all forms)

The society also points out anything that stings could set-off the condition like:

* Ethyl Alcohol

* Witch Hazel

* Menthol

* Peppermint

* Eucalyptus Oil

* Clove Oil

You’ll need to learn to treat your skin gently to prevent flare-ups, but inevitably flare-ups do occur. When they do, try any one of the following:

Silymarin and Vitamin E

This is a cover-up lotion, but it could help reduce the redness, as studies have shown.

Silymarin is an extract from milk thistle and the vitamin E is an antioxidant. Look in your health food store (or online for “Rosacure”).

Vitamin C

Vitamin C will tone-up the blood vessels. All of the dilation that occurs during an episode of facial “flushing” can leave the vessels less able to constrict the way they should. Vitamin C will assist in the toning (try the vitamin C with a bioflavonoid). Take the vitamin supplement three times daily (500 milligram tablets).

Horse Chestnut Cream

An extract of horse chestnut, this cream is used to help shrink varicose veins.

It can be found at your local health food store. Apply twice daily…it can help minimize Rosacea.

Grapeseed Extract

Grapeseed extract is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It also improves the strength of the skin’s underlying collagen. Take a 50 milligram capsule three times daily. It can be found at your


For those individuals who are easily excited and who have a tendency to easily flush, try meditation. It is a beneficial practice regardless of the tendency to develop Rosacea. Sit in a quiet room, ask not to be disturbed. Quiet your mind and think of something pleasant…maybe a waterfall you sat next to and enjoyed the sound, as water mist drifted toward you. The idea is to quiet the mind and put yourself in some pleasant environment. It will work to calm you and avoid the flushing.

Midday Sun

The sun and excess heat should be avoided. On sunny humid summer days stay indoors with air conditioning, if possible. It will minimize the flushing.