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Krill Oil and Premenstrual Syndrome

omegaPMS is a result of pain, tiredness and mood swings caused by menstrual cycle. OTC medication helps to a certain extent in the easing of PMS. Many alternative methods like herbal teas, hot pads, are used to help with the symptoms. However, all these are temporary methods to deal with the distress caused.


Krill oil emerges as the top solution to resolve PMS symptoms. This may be due to the properties of krill oil in lowering inflammation levels. Further, the presence of Omega-3s in krill oil helps in the improved functioning of hormones. This certainly results in less painful periods.

This theory was tested in a research conducted among 70 women suffering from PMS. The research was initiated to test the effect of krill oil on PMS. They were divided into two groups, and administered krill oil and fish oil, respectively. Their symptoms were monitored throughout research cycle. The entire group experienced less swelling and pain due to both krill oil and fish oil.

However, krill oil helped more in mood swings, bloating, body aches and breast pain. The participants also reported being more energetic and fresh, due to the intake of krill oil. They took less medicines to lessen pain as compared to those who were given fish oil. This proves the fact that krill oil is not just another temporary alternative. It does try to benefit in a more holistic way.