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What is hangover?

alcoholEveryone has experienced this self-inflected illness called ‘hangover”.

The term ‘hangover’ refers to the collection of various signs, unpleasant by their definition as they include: headache, stomachache, low energy levels and some people can even experience anxiety or panic attacks. Luckily this state is temporary and everyone knows it. Still when you are suffering from hangover it seems like an eternity You simply think it will never end and you might even hate your life. What makes it worse is that you see other people attending the same parties as you do and they seem to be OK a day after, ready to enjoy life. You begin to realize that you need some kind of a system to prevent this state from happening again. There is no point in wasting the whole day to recover and suffer so much! Yet, not everyone is able to go out and give up drinking. There are many social occasions, family occasions or even unexpected gatherings (we will prepare you with Nux Vomica homeopathy remedy for those!) that cannot be missed and that you really want to go to and have fun at!

prepare your body and mind and not only prevent hangover from happening again, but also reduce the detrimental effects of drinking.