Why Raw Diet?

To most people, becoming raw seems like a pretty half-baked idea. How many people would want to give up their stove, barbecue, microwave, and toaster in favor of a dehydrator, juicer, and high-powered blender? How could anyone survive eating just salads? More importantly, why would anyone want to? Becoming raw...

Toxic Heavy Metals

It’s no secret that certain heavy metals are toxic. We all know to be careful of lead paint when renovating older homes, and we all learned at a certain point to switch over to mercury-free thermometers. What’s less well-known—and in some cases, a complete secret—is that toxic heavy metals are...

Jet Lag – supplements

ONE OF THE most valid supplements in ameliorating jet lag and traveller’s fatigue is ginseng. Ginseng belongs to a category of plants known as ‘adaptogens’, or agents that are known to improve human tolerance to various types of stressors. Ginseng, especially Korean and Siberian, has been shown to enhance the...

Natural relief for the common cold

IN  ANY YEAR , 70 per cent of people suffer from colds, 9 per cent with flu, 57 per cent with coughs and sore throats  and 46 per cent with stuffy noses – quite  a catalogue of discomfort. Research  indicates  that certain vitamins  may increase your resistance to and reduce...

Neuroendocrine influences on Reproductive health

Brain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, acetylcholine, gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), and serotonin are associated with sexual and reproductive function.   The hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis is the key neuroendocrine pathway linking the brain and nervous system with the reproductive system.  At a time where we are in an ‘obesity epidemic’ it is interesting...

Natural Support for Fertility – Diet

It may seem that we take our reproductive health somewhat for granted. In fact, a survey found that 25% of Britons experience reproductive health issues and the current prevalence of infertility lasting for at least 12 months is estimated to be around 9% worldwide for women aged 20-44. The encouraging...

A Fight Against the Traitor Disease

It is a struggle for hypertensive people on how to reduce blood pressure from time to time. This disease is considered a traitor because the patient is asymptomatic from the onset and only shows symptoms when it progresses to its critical stage. Doctor taking a patients blood pressure People who...
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