Natural Remedies for Acne

Young woman noticing a pimple on her face in terror

Lifestyle Factors
• Avoid use of medications that cause acne (e.g. corticosteroids, oral contraceptives)
• Avoid greasy creams and cosmetics
• Wash face regularly to remove excess sebum and oil from skin
• Minimise impact of stress (use stress management techniques)

[toggle title=”Nutrient/Herb – Typical intake range” state=”open” ]Omega 3 fatty acids1 2400 – 4800mg fish oil per day

Zinc (as picolinate)2 15 – 30mg per day

Vitamin E3 400 – 600IU per day

Selenium4 100 – 200ug per day

Chromium5 100 – 200ug three times per day[/toggle]

Reduce/avoid                                           Increase
Refined carbohydrates                                 Complex carbohydrates and low glycaemic load foods
especially sugar and high
glycaemic load foods
Processed foods                                              Nuts and seeds
Trans fats                                                         Vegetables (especially beetroot and artichoke)
Dairy foods                                                      Fruit
Fried foods                                                      Oily fish


1 Do not take in conjunction with anticoagulant medication.
2 May cause nausea on an empty stomach. High doses (>100mg per day)
may suppress the immune system. Ensure sufficient copper and iron intake with
zinc supplementation.
3 Avoid concurrent use of high dose vitamin E supplements with Warfarin and
other anticoagulant medication. May reduce insulin requirement in insulindependent
diabetes and should therefore be used under supervision by diabetics.
4 Yeast-bound selenium should not be used concurrently with MAO antidepressant
medication. Yeast-free supplements can be used as an alternative.
5 May reduce insulin requirement in insulin-dependent diabetes and should
therefore be used under supervision by diabetics.