Why Has Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Disappeared from Grocers’ Shelves?

apple cider vinegar

The blame for the disappearance of natural raw apple cider vinegar from supermarkets lies on the shoulders of the general public, as well as the producers of vinegar. Most people buy food with their eyes, not thinking of good nutrition. Vinegar producers failed to enlighten the public on what powerful health qualities are locked within natural ACV. Why? Because they didn’t know the health values of natural, raw, organic, unfiltered, cloudy (to some, less attractive-looking) ACV with the “mother”. They produced pasteurized, refined, distilled vinegars because the public preferred it. Filling current supply and demand tragically removed the priceless miraculous “mother” health benefits.

Powerful Health Qualities
They Removed

You cannot completely blame the producers of vinegar. They are not nutritionists, nor are they biochemists. Their business is to give the customers what they want. Most people purchase vinegar for flavoring, also for pickling and marinating their foods. Some women use it to rinse their hair after shampooing, as it leaves the hair squeaky clean, softer and much easier to manage.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother Enzyme” is one of the best body detoxifiers. It can be considered a strong aid to reach the fountain of youth!

ACV Kills Germs, Viruses, Mold & Bacteria

Recent studies show a straight 5% solution of vinegar kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of common mold and 80% of germs & viruses. It’s a great germ and virus fighter in homes, kitchens, baths and in hospitals, labs, etc. Some mix it with water to wash windows, as it removes sludge and keeps them sparkling clean, as it does for the body. ACV has hundreds of uses and its versatility is legendary as a powerful household cleansing and deodorizing agent, free of dangerous chemicals.

ACV Has Proven
Powerful Health Qualities

The healthy miracle nutrients that live in the “mother” substance of organic, unfiltered, fully ripened ACV have proven powerful health benefits! Sadly, commercial producers distill their vinegar to meet consumer demand that vinegar be clear. In distilling, the vinegar is turned to steam by heating. Therefore it destroys the powerful “mother enzymes” and distills out life-giving minerals such as potassium, phosphorus,

natural organic sodium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, copper, natural organic fluorine, silicon, trace minerals, essential amino acids and many other powerful nutrients including pectin, a fiber that helps reduce bad cholesterol and helps regulate blood pressure. ACV also helps extract calcium from fruits and vegetables, helping to maintain strong bones. Distilling also destroys the natural malic and tartaric acids which are important in fighting body toxins and inhibiting unfriendly bacteria.

ACV is also loaded with potassium. Studies have shown potassium helps prevent hair loss, brittle teeth and nails, sinusitis, runny nose, toxic waste in the body, plus stunted growth! The beta-carotene in ACV helps fight harmful free radicals and breaks down unwanted fat to aid in weight management. ACV also contains malic acid, which relieves fungal and bacterial infections, as well as dissolves the uric acid deposits that form around your aching joints.

Other incredible benefits of ACV are the relief of constipation, headaches, arthritis, indigestion, diarrhea, eczema, sore eyes, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, as well as high blood pressure and heartburn symptoms.