Natural relief for the common cold

IN  ANY YEAR , 70 per cent of people suffer from colds, 9 per cent with flu, 57 per cent with coughs and sore throats  and 46 per cent with stuffy noses – quite  a catalogue of discomfort.

Research  indicates  that certain vitamins  may increase your resistance to and reduce the duration of the common cold.

A strong immune system is the best defence against “catching” a cold in the first place. Eating a well-balanced diet should provide all the vitamins  and minerals

important to the immune system, but to ensure intake,  a multi- vitamin  and mineral formula  is a simple  way to help meet the nutritional needs of those who do not manage  to consume a healthy  diet.

Recent studies have confirmed the use of multinutrient formulas  as a support for the immune system.

Two particularly important nutrients are Vitamin C and the mineral Zinc which have been shown  to play important roles in relieving the symptoms of the common cold. These nutrients are vital for optimal immune function and both  possess anti-viral  activity. Taking additional Vitamin C has been shown  to reduce the duration of the common cold by nearly one full day. Sucking zinc lozenges can soothe  sore throats  and relieve other  cold symptoms, such as coughing  and nasal congestion.

The greatest benefits can be seen when  these are taken at the earliest signs of a cold.

In addition to a healthy  diet, plenty of sleep and rest are vital to fend off a cold. Sugary and refined foods all compromise the immune system and should therefore  be avoided.  Drinking plenty of fluid will also help to moisten the respiratory  system and airways, which is important when  you have an infection.

It has been   suggested however, that drinking milk may encourage the formation of mucus  in some individuals, so you may wish to avoid milk while you have a cold.