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Herbal help for the immune system

IMMUNE HEALTH  is dependant upon many factors, including a low sugar diet, adequate sleep and a good intake  of essential nutrients. There are times however,  when  your immune system may need a helping hand,  such as during  a cold or infection.

There is a wealth of herbs that possess immune boosting qualities. The herbs detailed  below, when combined together  enhance their effectiveness of  immune-

stimulating properties,  and also kill harmful microbes  (which cause infection).



These berries are rich in the important class of antioxidants called polyphenols. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals caused by oxidation and prevent  cell damage. Elderberry also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral  properties;  useful for treating  cold, flu and upper respiratory  infections.


Echinacea addresses  a broad  range of disease causing micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria  and fungi.

Its immune boosting effects have been confirmed in numerous scientific studies.


Astragalus Root

This herb is one of the most  widely used in traditional Chinese  medicine for the prevention of flu and other respiratory  infections.



Oregano possesses potent anti- microbial properties that support immune function during  infection.


Olive Leaf

Has a very long history of use in the treatment of fevers. The leaf exhibits extraordinary effects against viruses and bacteria. The bitter compound oleuropein has been identified as the active substance within  the plant that is responsible for its anti-microbial properties.